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Monika Hoy applies for GRB Manager

Monika Hoy
currently Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
+251-913 23 94 55

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„The Earth is our mother, we must take care of her“, GRB shareholders take care of Mother Earth and it pays ecocredit money.

The first shareholder applying for GRB manager is Monika Hoy: I am a mother of two adult daughters, who is rooted in the German environmental movement. I am observing that all living creatures are ruled by their needs. As GRB shareholders we can easily fulfill our basic needs of autonomy, security and meaning.

My personal interests include networking, gardening, recycling, ecocommunity design, women mythology and dance. As a GRB shareholder I enjoy living in an environment of fresh air and clean water, integrated into an ecosystem. Ecocredit money from the GRB communication account pays the bills for first class high speed internet connection everywhere around our planet. The elegant design of the bank combines nature and high technology. I feel delighted with this solution.

I am a pioneer, perfectionist and organizer… inspired by the beautiful soul of my kid‘s generation. I receive a lot of information by listening to them. There are genius ideas waiting to serve life on Earth. In the Global Reserve Bank money is no problem: I support to finance ideas in creating the peaceful prosperous new world, with ecocredit money from the GRB capital exchange account. The markets for clean energy, communication, health, education, ecological sciences and the arts will blossom in the GRB economy.

Since 2003 I have been studying the evolutionary economics of the Global Reserve Bank. I admire the multi purpose simplicity of the technical design and love the generous spirit. GRB ecocredit money is the next stage in monetary evolution. Like living mountain water ecocredit circulates in the system.

The shareholder feedback system should create a lively competition for the manager position. There could be hundreds of applicants all the time, so the shareholders have all these options in their choice of the manager. I understand that the manager‘s actions are transparent. The manager does not get a salary. The majority of shareholders will immediately choose another manager if they disagree with her actions.
I want to be the first GRB manager and will take care of my responsibility, as directed by the majority of the shareholders.

For GRB workshops in German, information and support of my campaign for GRB manager, please contact Monika Hoy.

Thank you.
13.4.08 13:27

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